Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day

Friendship is a cornerstone of the human experience. They add so much to our lives, but with the craziness of life and parenthood, it can be overwhelming or hard. It can be lonely. 

At GameTruck, we understand the importance of friendship and building community. It’s what we strive to do with each one of our parties. From helping kids make new friends to maintaining current friendships, we believe everyone should have a place to belong. That’s why we’re celebrating friendship day, and here’s how you can celebrate it with those in your life! 

Create a Friendship Book

Give your friend a personal gift this year with a friendship book. You can create them online through programs like Shutterfly or by hand. Either way is sure to make your friends smile as they reflect on all the fun memories you have shared.

Do a self Evaluation.

What type of friend have you been this year? The type of friend do you want to be? What are some goals that you have for the friendships in your life? Think about these questions and do a self-evaluation. Focus on what areas you can grow as an individual and how you can grow your friendships. 

Social media post

This is the new hallmark card. Show your love and appreciation for your friend with a social media post highlighting your friendship.

Social Media Clean up

Reflect on friendship and what it means to you. Do you need to clean up your social media “friends” list? Do you have many acquaintances on your social media that you don’t really know? Maybe it’s time to clean up your social media and devote it to your family and close friends. 

Reply to your messages.

In the craziness of life, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and behind when responding to messages from friends. Dedicate some time to responding to emails, calls, or texts from friends. Take a moment to pause and reconnect with those in your life. 

Ask Transformative Questions. 

Next time you’re hanging out with your friend, make a point to ask transformative questions. These types of questions go beyond the basic, day-to-day questions such as “how are you doing” or “how was your day?” 

Transformative questions focus on getting to know that person on a deeper level. These types of questions are thought-provoking and aim at creating deeper emotional connections. 

Write a letter

Who doesn’t love receiving positive mail in their box? It’s way better than bills! 

Hand-written notes convey a personal touch and connection. Receiving one is a pleasant surprise bound to brighten your friend’s day.

Make new friends

Are you in a season of life where it’s time to meet some new people? Celebrate this friendship day by making a new friend! 

Take a break to see friends.

Dedicate a day or a weekend to your friends. Whether old or new, take a break and invest in your relationship with them. It’s good for your emotional and mental health to reconnect and deepen your friendships with those in your life.

No matter how old we get, friends are essential. Parenthood can be lonely and isolating. Pause and take some time to invest in the friends that are in your life this friendship day. You’ll be happy you did. 

To learn more about creating lasting friendships and building community, check out our article on “Friends are made shoulder to shoulder.

To take your friendship celebrations to the next level, consider hosting a GameTruck party and creating unforgettable memories with your friends.