Summer Party Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Sorting through the party ideas for tweens and teens can be tricky. They’re outgrowing old party styles but aren’t quite ready for teenage socials. That’s where GameTruck comes in! With its cool gaming options, ZTAG, and laser tag, GameTruck offers just the right mix of fun and excitement that tweens and teens love.

Party Ideas for Tweens and Teens with a mobile gaming theater

GameTruck Video Game Parties

One of the hottest party ideas for tweens is a video game party. GameTruck delivers this right to your doorstep with state-of-the-art gaming consoles and a huge selection of games. Friends can team up in their favorite games, from sports simulations to epic adventure games, making it a hit for game lovers.

Party Ideas for Tweens with ZTAG

ZTAG Action-Packed Adventures

ZTAG is a high energy event. GameTruck has reinvented classic playground games as live action video games where the kids are the controllers. They play fast-paced games like red-light green-light, pattern match, Zombie tag, and more.

Party Ideas for Tweens and Teens with laser tag

Laser Tag Thrills

Laser tag is another thrilling option that GameTruck offers. It brings the excitement of a laser tag arena right to your chosen location. Teens can dive into a world of strategy and teamwork, making it an awesome choice for energetic and adventurous kids.

Combining Gaming Options for Ultimate Fun

Why settle for one activity when you can mix and match? Start with video gaming, then move to ZTAG or laser tag for some active fun. GameTruck makes it easy to keep the party exciting with different setups, ensuring that every guest finds something they enjoy.


Finding the right entertainment is key to a successful tween or teen party. With GameTruck, you’re all set for a memorable day that’s fun, easy, and just what your older kids are looking for. Ready to be the coolest parent around? Check out your local GameTruck for your next big event and make it a party they’ll talk about all year!

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