(Indianapolis, Ind.)—Joao Belo had the right idea but chose the wrong company when he bought a mobile video gaming theater last year. Belo—a long-time finance and marketing professional and an entrepreneur at heart—has always had a passion for innovative products and ideas, so when he discovered mobile video gaming, he jumped at the chance to own his own trailer. Soon after he purchased a trailer from a less-than-reputable company last year, he discovered GameTruck, a patented mobile video game theater concept that is the longest- running of its type in the country. Belo decided to convert his trailer to become a GameTruck franchisee and will begin servicing the greater Indianapolis area in late April.

GameTruck is in the midst of an aggressive Midwest expansion campaign and plans to add at least 10 licensees in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio over the next two years. The company is confident Belo will help grow the brand in central Indiana and beyond.


Since moving to the U.S. from his native Latin America to pursue his MBA degree at Northwestern University several years ago, Belo has held a series of high-level leadership positions in both finance and sales and marketing in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Despite his coveted success in the corporate world, Belo—who also has a bachelor’s degree in international business—has always yearned to follow his entrepreneurial side.


“I’ve always had a passion and interest in breakthrough categories, so when I discovered the mobile video gaming concept I was hooked,” Belo said. “I jumped at the chanceto buy my own mobile video game theater, but looking back I should have done more homework before choosing a company.”


Belo, whose total enthusiasm for mobile video gaming resonates even over the phone, was shocked when he discovered several safety issues with the trailer he purchased. The wrong gas tank was installed, creating a potential fire hazard, and the vehicle failed to meet regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency. And to Belo’s frustration, the corporate office of the company offered no support to its mobile video game trailer owners, leaving him and others on their own to deal with the problem.


So Belo decided to meet with representatives from GameTruck, the only mobile video game theater franchise that holds a patent for its innovative technology of bringing ultimate video game parties anywhere. As a passionate believer in quality mobile gaming, GameTruck found Belo to be a perfect fit for the franchise, and invited him to join the team by converting his existing trailer to a GameTruck mobile video game theater.


As GameTruck and Belo prepare for the launch of GameTruck in Indianapolis, GameTruck is working on renovating the trailer to ensure that the strictest safety standards are in place. Belo’s conversion also means it is being outfitted with all the video gaming systems that create a premier party experience for both kids and adults in an interactive, multiplayer environment that accommodates up to 16 players.


“I reached out to them and said, ‘I’m operating something in which you guys have a patent for, and I want to be part of your team,’” Belo said. “I’m used to doing business with premium brands, and in this industry GameTruck is the only premium brand. I’m also used to doing things the right way and conducting myself with integrity, and I expect that from my business partners as well.”


For Belo, the patent made all the difference. “The patent lends so much legitimacy to this business model,” Belo said. “Combined with the honesty and support that comes from the corporate office, GameTruck was a perfect fit for me to grow my mobile video game theater business.”