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GameTruck Laser Tag

GameTruck powered LaserTag: A Tactical Simulation

Do your kids like to game? If they are like 91% of American children, then they play video games.

Do you want them to get off the couch and run around outside?

The kids will likely resist. Their games are inside the house, after all. They’ll want to take their games with them. Thankfully, GameTruck offers a fun and exciting addition to any mobile video game party: your own outdoor laser tag arena!

Teamwork or Free-For-All

Laser tag is a fast-paced simulation that brings video games outside and into the real world.

GameTruck offers a variety of different games to match individual play styles. Split everyone into groups for team-based mission adventures or unleash a chaotic free-for-all.

The latest advancements in laser tag technology have completely changed the game. Our high-tech taggers allow for more accurate lightning fast gameplay. We bring you the speed and excitement of paintball without the mess, cleanup, or pain, all from the comfort of your backyard!

Ready Player One, Two, and Sixteen

Times have changed: games aren’t just for two players anymore. Our advanced laser tag system handles up to 16 players at once, giving everyone a chance to play. Entertain all your party guests and allow them to live the game. No one warms the bench during our matches.

You’ll have to duck for cover because our taggers can score a hit from up to 300 feet away!

Transform Your Yard into a Laser Tag Battlefield

Laser tag brings video games to life, outside in the open air. Your once-friendly yard has become contested territory that players must defend.

The days where laser tag was confined to a dark, cramped room are long gone. Technological advancements allow us to take laser tag out into the real world. We can convert almost any park, playground, or yard into a custom-built laser tag arena for you and your guests of all ages.

There’s no need to load up the car: GameTruck brings the arena to you. With outdoor laser tag from GameTruck, there’s no need for a referee. Your GameCoach will take care of all referee duties. so you don’t have to.

Host Your Next Laser Tag Event with GameTruck Savannah

The fun doesn’t stop there. Let GameTruck take care of your entire party. We specialize in no-hassle birthday parties and group events for all ages. Once your party has settled the score, your guests can retire to our massive GameTruck and play to their heart’s content.

We’ll create a memorable party experience that your kids will be talking about for weeks to come. We look forward to making your next birthday party or group event a huge success! To learn more about our outdoor laser tag arena, contact GameTruck Savannah at (912) 877-6555 or request a party with us today at