Keep the Faith: GameTruck Delivers Wholesome Fun

Many people are surprised to find that GameTruck is popular with Churches. This is usually because there is so much negative publicity around video games that it is easy to get the wrong impression and think that all games are unacceptable.

The truth is that video games are a form of mass entertainment, like movies, books or music and there is something there to meet everyone’s needs. Let’s not forget, GameTruck can bring more than video games. Here are just a few of the kinds of events that we help host at Churches, Synagogues, and Camps around the country.

  • Late night laser tag matches
  • Gelly Ball battles for teens
  • High school lock in graduation parties
  • Video game fun for summer camps
  • Tournaments of all sorts

What is so great about GameTruck is that we adapt to help support your local community values. If you want a completely Mario experience, we can do that. Minecraft? We have it. If you want to focus on sports and host a Madden, NBA2K, or FIFA tournament, we can do that too. And of course, with GameTruck @ Home, you can separate games for age appropriateness. The teens can play Fortnite in the Gym while the younger gamers can play Mario in the trailer. 

However, it is not the equipment that matters. The reason so many clients book with GameTruck year after year can be summed up in one word; Professionalism. Our coaching staff has an enormous positive impact on gamers. As adults who care about games, they often create a connection and validation for the players that is hard to come by. Our coaches understand the games, and the players passion. What is more, their professional approach to working these events makes it easy for your organization to host an event.


We understand that playing at Church or Temple is different than playing at home. Respect, fairness, and fun are all part of the package. Understanding that it is important that the whole program proceed in an orderly, predictable way is part of what people are looking to buy.

They don’t want equipment. They want happy, engaged kids, often times from different age groups. The dedication of our staff meets that need. They understand player interests and how to help them all play together and have more fun.

Whether GameTruck is part of a carnival, or the stand along attraction, our staff know how to manage moving players through the games at a steady pace to make sure everyone gets a fair turn. We have done events, morning, noon, and night.

Whether it is for a Young Life Laser Tag Camp Day, or a Reach the Teens game night, our staff can create an experience that gets everyone playing together in some good wholesome fun.

In all our events, we always strive to make gaming an easy option.

This might be why so many organizations have elected to put their entertainment faith in GameTruck.

We deliver stress free fun in a wholesome format.