Giveaway-GameTruck Party

Reviews from GameTruck Customers

In late May, the GameTruck North Houston team hosted an end-of-school event for Alba, the voice of Independent Mami. Inspired by her nephew’s birthday party, Alba found the GameTruck a well air-conditioned party option. New owners Ivonne and Luis Robledo made sure the event was on time and ready to go. The GameCoach made sure every player got a turn and that the Game Theater stayed cool and comfortable. Seeing GameTruck as  great for both boys and girls, Alba came away from her GameTruck party with a positive experience.

Based in Houston, TX, Independent Mami covers everything from giveaways to fitness, to family-friendly movies. See Alba’s review of GameTruck, “Giveaway-GameTruckParrty” below, originally published on May 29, 2014 on

The end of the school year is here and summer break is just a few hours away.  What is the one thing your kids love to do the most when at home?  My kid is play games.  A couple of months ago my sister in law threw my nephew a birthday party and she had a game truck come for a couple of hours.  This is was great because it kept all the kids entertained.  There was plenty of room in the truck for all of them to play-with 4 HGTVs, different game systems, and so many games to choose from.

I was worried about the heat and worried about my kids being too big but I didn’t have to worry about it.  The GameCoaches were great.  They were on time.  They set up the tvs and games fast.  Everyone got a turn to play.  I liked having an air conditioned area space available that I don’t have to clean up afterwards. Read more…