Mobile video game company goes above and beyond with franchisee support

(Tempe, AZ)—In addition to training and support, GameTruck, a patented mobile video game theater concept featuring flat-screen HDTVs, comfortable seating, a high-quality sound system and the latest video game consoles, is committed to helping its franchisees when problems arise.

            When Gilbert Poon, the GameTruck franchise owner in Middlebury, Conn., was in a car accident that totaled his truck and severely damaged his GameTruck trailer, he was prepared to cancel all of his parties until he could get a new truck and trailer. The GameTruck corporate office learned about the accident and was unwilling to let Poon lose so much business because of the accident. The corporate office put a plan in place to get a truck and trailer to Poon to rent while his was fixed. The GameTruck franchisee in Indianapolis, Joao Belo, agreed to rent Poon his second truck and trailer.

            Poon was also down a GameCoach to run events so the corporate office arranged for one of their GameCoaches to help Poon until he can hire a new coach. That GameCoach is also driving the truck and trailer from Indianapolis to Connecticut.

            “Helping our franchisees succeed is a key part of our business,” said Scott Novis, founder and CEO of GameTruck. “The support offered by a franchisor is a huge benefit for franchisees and we are set on going above and beyond. The situation with Gil is just one example of how we are able to step in when a franchisee needs assistance, and the way Joao was willing to help proves what a great system we have built. We are happy to get involved in situations like this to benefit our franchisees and it’s even better when franchise owners help each other.”

GameTruck offers a premier party experience for both children and adults in an interactive, multiplayer environment that accommodates 16 or more players. Self-powered, climate-controlled GameTruck trailers are outfitted with comfortable seating, four to as many as eight flat-screen HDTVs, enhanced sound systems, more than three dozen of the latest multiplayer video games and all the major video game consoles (XBOX360®, Nintendo Wii™ and Playstation®3). A GameCoach manages each event, promoting fair, interactive play. Since it was founded in 2006, GameTruck has grown to 60 franchisees operating 80 GameTruck rigs in 150 territories across 23 states and Lagos, Nigeria. GameTruck expects to add 30 new franchisees and 60 new territories in 2012 alone, with long-range projections for 200 to 250 units covering the U.S. and Canada. GameTruck is the owner of U.S. Pat. No. 8,029,368 issued October 4, 2011.