Game Truck Giveaway: Win a $300 Party for Your Friends and Neighbors

Game Truck:  The Perfect Christmas Break Party

This bright green truck is what pulled up in front of our house yesterday, just in the nick of time.  It was the perfect remedy for a getting-a-little-long for everyone Christmas break!

Never heard of The Game Truck?  Neither had I.  That’s probably because the Minneapolis Game Truck Party franchise is less than six months old.   The Game Truck is a video gaming party on wheels, and it pulls up right outside your home.  It’s equipped with five HDTVs and all the recent gaming systems and games.  Its row of plush, comfy seats accommodates up to 20 people (we had fifteen at our party).  Plus, each Game Truck provides a “Game Coach” so parents can relax.  The cool thing was we got to be the first in our area to try it out and give our neighbors and friends a uniquely fun experience.


The truck pulled up about a half-hour before the party began to set up and get their generator going.  The Game Truck is climate-controlled and was comfortable even in our chilly 15-degree Minnesota weather –something I was curious about.  The kids started out by wearing their coats but shed them after about five minutes in the truck.   It got so warm we had to crack the door a little bit eventually.

game truck party games

The Game Coach at our party, John, was friendly and great with the kids.  He started out by having us select games, which were on a magnetic display board pictured here (we put games geared towards older teens and adults away before the kids got on board).   Next, he explained the rules to the kiddos to ensure that everyone had fun.  He was the go-to guy when someone wanted to switch games, and he was also on the lookout for kids who may not be getting enough playtime.  There really isn’t even the need for a parent to be inside the whole time.  He said often times the parents who hire the truck hang out inside while the kids play.

Kids were totally engaged in game play the entire time.  For our girls, the most popular games were Wipe Out and Let’s Dance 4. The boys were into Madden NFL 13, Super Mario Brothers, and Skylanders.  They were so immersed in what they were doing they barely noticed me snapping these great shots of them (view more photos here:  Game Truck Party).

game truck party game truck party

With fifteen kids aboard and TVs blaring, it got really loud in the Game Truck, but the noise was completely contained.  I stepped out a few times and almost unbelievably couldn’t hear a peep from outside.

As a mom, the best part of the Game Truck Party experience was that we had the convenience of being at home, but there was absolutely no clean-up or mess inside the house.  In fact, none the kids never asked to leave the truck – not even for a bathroom break!

game truck party  

Giveaway:  Host a Game Truck Party Courtesy of Mommysavers!


We don’t want to leave our readers out of the fun, so we’re giving away a Game Truck Party experience to one lucky Mommysavers reader!  To qualify, you have to live within a Game Truck Franchise zip code (view the Game Truck Locations).  We also ask that you hold your party on a weekday.  All Mommysavers Daily Deal newsletter subscribers are eligible to enter, but you can rack up extra entries by following us on our other social media platforms.  Good luck!

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