Activities for When it’s Too Hot Outside

While the warmth of summer can be a blessing, sometimes it just gets unbearable, leaving everyone trapped inside. This can lead to boredom, feeling antsy, and kids having lots of energy to burn off with no outlet to do so. As summer approaches, it doesn’t hurt to have an “emergency activity” prepared for these types of days to save yourself from the insanity. Take a look at our GameTruck approved list of indoor activities for when it’s too hot outside. 

1. Spy/Superhero Training Course

From Laser Limbo to Balloon Crawl to ladder drills, a training course is the ultimate way to release that energy for kids. With a little bit of prep and money for cheap materials, this idea can help entertain the kids for hours. You could include things like Laser Limbo made from streamers, a balloon crawl under the table with balloons hanging down, various ladder drills made from painters tape on the carpet, cones for agility training, and so many other ideas! 

2. GameTruck Party

Let us help you save the day from boredom with a video game party! Grab some mom friends and have a ladies’ day while the kids have a blast with over 200 games to choose from! The kids get to create awesome memories with their friends, while you enjoy the quiet in any way you like with no stress or clean up. Click Here to find your local GameTruck franchise.

3. Have a Fort Building Contest

Customize this idea by either having kids challenge one another or by doing it as a family. Create categories by which to judge the fort(s). 

4. Fitness Fun

No gym membership? No problem! Find tons of free kid-focused workout routines online with Google, Pinterest, or Youtube. They get to burn off that energy while learning about a healthy lifestyle. 

5. Make Smoothies

Grab some fresh fruit, veggies, and the blender for some healthy food fun. Try a recipe or two that you’ve never made before or get adventurous and make your own! Vote on which is your favorite and share it online with your friends and family. 

6. Do an Art or Science Kit

Learning can and should be fun! Grab an art or science kit that you know your child will love and do it with them. These kits can be found online or in most stores. Go on a learning or creative journey with your kid to learn right alongside them. 

7. Make a Non-Dairy Treat

Since June is Non-Dairy Month, google and make a non-dairy treat to enjoy together. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out Pinterest Perfect. Memories are what truly matter.  

9.Write a Letter to Someone

Everyone loves receiving stuff in the mail – except bills. Your kids can learn a lost skill and brighten a relative’s or friend’s day by writing and mailing a letter to someone.  

10. Karaoke

Have a Singing Competition with Karaoke! This idea can be done with little or no prep and is super customizable! It can be done with or without a Karaoke machine. If you don’t have one, pull up Youtube and find the lyrics to the song. You could select song genres or categories to add more challenges to the competition. 

  1. Additional Note: If the kids need to burn a bit more energy, add a dance element to the competition to get them moving and grooving. 

The summer sun can be a blessing and a curse at the same time, but don’t let those hot temperatures keep your family from having an awesome summer! Try an idea off our list, customize it, and beat the boredom! 

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