5 Mommy and Me Date Ideas for Valentines Day

Whether you’re the type who loves to plan or the kind who would rather let things happen naturally, it can be extremely difficult not to think about Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s a holiday devoted to love, which is something that every parent wants their child to understand and experience. Sometimes in the craziness of life, especially with siblings, children can feel disconnected from us, so Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your kids just how much you love them! While chocolates will be devoured and gifts may fade, memories of a mommy and me date will last forever. 

If you are looking for ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your child without any of the stress, then this blog post is perfect for you! 

Here we will share loads of simple yet effective ways to make your child feel special on Valentine’s Day without spending a fortune or hiring a professional. From exploring cool outdoor activities together, playing games and watching movies together, learning new hobbies together and taking road trips as a family – here are some creative ideas for families to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Be spontaneous

Taking advantage of a sudden, impulsive idea can be a great way to make your kiddo feel special on Valentine’s Day. For example, if you know that your little one loves playing music, you could surprise him with a guitar or drums lesson. You could also try to surprise him with going to a museum or zoo that he’s never been to before, going to a sporting event that he hasn’t been to before or going to a comedy show together. 

Visit a Children’s Museum for an fun, educational mommy and me date!

A children’s museum can be a great place for a mommy and me date to spend some quality time together. Many museums have special programs that are geared towards children, so you can be sure that they will have a great time. 

Try a festival or local event!

Another great idea is to take advantage of local festivals and events. Many cities have events that celebrate Valentine’s Day, but most of them are free to attend. If your child is interested in meeting new people, these events are a great place to meet new friends and potential dates.

Go on a Road trip for a Mommy and Me date!

If your family loves road trips, you could try to plan a road trip for Valentine’s Day. You could try to find some cheap travel deals and make a weekend trip out of it. This could be a great way to bond with your child and spend some quality time together, while also making a few memories that you can look back on in the future. 

Make yummy treats together!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make some yummy treats together. You could try making some special Valentine’s Day themed cookies, cupcakes or baked goods. 

Other great activities to try include going out for a meal or a different cuisine that you both enjoy or making Valentine’s Day treats to make them together as a class. Many cities have cooking classes that are open to the public, so you and your child could attend together. Cooking classes are great ways to make new friends, while also improving your cooking skills at the same time.

Play Video Games for an indoor Mommy and Me date!

If your kid loves playing video games, you could try to find cheap or free events together that involve playing video games. Many communities have e-sports associations that run events that are always free to attend. You could try to find one of these events and join in with your child, so that you can make a new memory together while also taking advantage of the event. By playing video games on this special date, you’ll help your little love keep their gaming skills sharp for their next GameTruck party!

DIY gift exchange for each other!

Another great idea for Valentine’s Day is to try to find a DIY gift exchange event or party. Many cities have DIY community groups that host these events, where people exchange homemade gifts. You could try to find one of these community groups and join in with your child, so that you can make new memories together while also exchanging DIY gifts. 


Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, but it can be especially stressful for parents who don’t know how to celebrate. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to make this day special for your kid, and you don’t need a ton of money to do it. Make Valentine’s Day an exciting occasion by planning activities together and staying spontaneous. Try road trips, visiting a museum or making yummy treats together. Another great idea is to exchange DIY gifts. No matter what you choose for your mommy and me valentine’s day date, they’ll love creating memories and having one-on-one time with you!