Five Tips from GameTruck

Make a Plan for Their Play:
Five Tips From GameTruck

Make “game time” a productive activity for your kids by putting a household “electronic strategy” in play for the new school year. GameTruck, a leading advocate for positive gaming practices, offers these five tips and resources for regulating screen time in your family.

1. Get Kids Moving and Socializing Arrange a cyber play date with friends or capitalize on the games that require movement while they are playing like Wii Sports. 

2. Use Extra Playing Time As a Reward With younger or older kids, reward them with a little extra playing time for clean rooms, good manners, good grades, etc. 

3. Develop a Process For Turning Games Off With video games that are sequential, if you do not finish a level, you cannot save your work in progress. To avoid conflict, give kids advance warning that you are going to need them to power down. 

4. Set Rules and Sign a Contract How much time a day is allowed for activities that involve screen time? What are the family rules around content and ratings? GameTruck’s website ( offers ideas and a downloadable contract you can personalize to make sure that everyone is clear on the “house rules” and the consequences for not following them. 

5. Let Game Coaches Help If you throw a GameTruck party, their game coaches can work with your kids to make healthy gaming habits a theme of the party. For more information or to schedule a GameTruck party, go to or call 888-602-4263. 

Arlington Joins the GameTruck Family

 Yahoo News:

Innovative birthday party and corporate event franchise brings the original mobile video game theater to the Arlington, TX area.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 26, 2011

GameTruck Corporation, the world’s first mobile video game theater franchise, today announced it is rolling out a new franchise in Arlington. The arrival of GameTruck will bring the hottest video gaming experience to the region.    Owned by Grand Prairie resident Kimberly Bedford-Richardson, the franchise will boast a patent pending mobile gaming theater that can be rented for parties and corporate events. With the explosive growth and overwhelming popularity of video games, demand for the company’s services is soaring.

“We are delighted to add another franchise to the GameTruck family,” said Scott Novis, founder of GameTruck. “GameTruck attracts a diverse audience, from children to adults, personal birthday parties and events to corporate gatherings and product launches. We envision that GameTruck will bring the power of interactive play to entertainment, education and corporate America.”

GameTruck offers a premiere party experience for both kids and adults, with GameCoaches who promote fair, interactive play and video gaming ethics that extend beyond the party. GameTruck brings people together to enjoy gaming in an interactive multiplayer environment. The self-powered, climate-controlled GameTruck trailers are outfitted with comfortable seating, five flat screen televisions, enhanced sound systems and the latest video game consoles. The simplicity of having the GameTruck trailer come directly to the customer’s home is very appealing to customers.

“This is such a great business, nothing beats the look on people’s faces when they step into the truck – it is a gamers’ nirvana,” said Novis. “More importantly, the company is focused on helping gamers harness the best that video games have to offer. For too long, video games have really served to isolate and make sedentary their users. Today, that has changed completely and games can be powerful tools for socialization, physical activity and the development of cognitive skills. At GameTruck we are on a mission to change the way people play.”

The patent pending mobile lounge is climate controlled making it a perfect fit for areas like Arlington. The vehicle is warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer, taking weather out of the equation when planning a party.

For more information, or to schedule your GameTruck party, go to, or call 888-602-4263.

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Kimberly Richardson
Game Truck Arlington