Fun Group Activities for Large Events: ZTAG

Are you ready to take your big group events to the next level of excitement? Stop scrolling long lists of ‘Fun Group Activities for Large Events’ on Google! Look no further than Z Tag! At Game Truck, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the ultimate fun experience that brings people together like never before. With action-packed games, quick turnovers, and safety for all ages, Z Tag is the perfect addition to any gathering. Get ready to elevate your event and create unforgettable memories with Z Tag!

Interactive Group Activities for Large Events: ZTAG for kids

Having Fun Together Through Cool Games

At Game Truck, we’re all about bringing people together for fun times. With Z Tag, we take the fun to a whole new level! We’ve got games that make you move and work together with your friends. Whether it’s team challenges or fast-paced matches like zombie tag, every game is made to help you bond and have a blast. So, whether it’s a birthday bash, a company party, or a community get-together, Z Tag is the way to go for big groups to have a great time together.

Interactive Group Activities for Large Events: ZTAG for adults and corporate events team-building

Quick Turns Mean More Fun for Everyone

One of the best things about Z Tag is how fast-paced it is. You don’t have to wait around forever for your turn. Each game only lasts about seven to ten minutes. That means even if there’s a lot of people at the event, everyone gets to join in on the fun! With Z Tag, we can keep the games going and switch out players super fast. So, you can bet that everyone will get their chance to play and have a blast.

Interactive Group Activities for Large Events at schools

Everyone Can Play, and Everyone Stays Safe

When it comes to fun, safety is super important, especially when there are kids of all ages playing. With Z Tag, we’ve got you covered. Our games are all about tagging each other with game trackers, so there’s no physical contact needed. That means everyone, big or small, can join in on the fun without any worries. Whether it’s a family reunion, a school event, or just hanging out with friends, Z Tag is the perfect way to get everyone involved and having a good time. Plus, since the games are short, even the little ones can stay active and happy throughout the event.

In summary, Z Tag is not just any game—it’s the key to awesome group experiences! With exciting games, quick turns, and safety for all, Z Tag brings the fun to any big event. So, why settle for boring when you can make your next party unforgettable with Z Tag? Call your local GameTruck today!

Fun Activities for large groups with ZTAG. team building for large groups: ZTAG

Want to learn more about how you can rock your event with ZTAG? Learn more here!

Indoor and Outdoor Kids Activities: Experience ZTAG

Ever since the movie Tron, players have not just wanted to play a video game, they have wanted to _be in_ the video game. Nintendo took the first steps to bring this to life with the Wii, and Microsoft took it a step farther with the Kinect, one of that fastest adopted peripherals in the history of video gaming. Many hoped virtual reality would be the next step, but they broke an rule that both Nintendo and Microsoft supported. We want to share great experiences with others. VR, despite it’s power feels isolating.

When we play, we want to play together.

Indoor and Outdoor Kids Activities: ZTAG

Fostering Connections Through Shared Experiences: The GameTruck Philosophy

As the founder of GameTruck, I have always been fascinated by the power of play to create connections. I believe friends are made shoulder to shoulder through shared experiences. This is one reason we have a giant long couch in the game trailer – so everyone can pile inside together and play. The screens being all on one wall make it easy for friends to scan and see what everyone else is up to. The environment creates a _shared_ experience.

Indoor and Outdoor Kids Activities with ZTAG that combines classic playground games with new technology for high energy fun!

Bridging the Gap Between Video Games and Social Interaction: Introducing ZTAG

Playing video games together is great. But I wondered, “what if there was a way to be in a video game, but _share_ the experience of being in a game together?” And last year my question was answered in by the genius product ZTAG. ZTAG is the brain child of the brilliant engineer (and now close friend) Quan Gan who has a long history in Haunted House design (“a haunted house is an interactive theater experience,” he explains). He wondered if there was way to bring together kids face to face for fun social interaction.

He saw an interactive experience without the theater. I saw a video game without the console. Together we teamed up to bring ZTAG to families around the country, a high energy activity that puts kids _in the game_.

Indoor and Outdoor Kids Activities with ZTAG for ages 4 and up!

Bring the Fun Indoors and Outdoors: Discover ZTAG, the High-Energy Game from GameTruck

The concept is actually quite simple, even if the technology behind it is complex. We take a group of players, and have them put on a connected device that looks like a watch. (called Taggers, or Game Trackers, or Game Watches). These devices all coordinate to create fun, active, group games where the kids are the controllers. Inspired by classic play ground games, the system teaches players how to play walking them through red light green line (learn to respond to your game watch), to pattern match (learn how to work together and score points), to everyone’s favorite, Zombie Tag! (break into teams and compete!)

Get kids moving with ZTAG!

Versatile Locations: Host ZTAG Events Anywhere, from Gymnasiums to Backyards

Every game is physically active. Every game brings kids together. And every game is high energy. What’s more the system works indoors (all you need is a multi-purpose room, gymnasium, even a dance studio can work), or outdoors (your typical soccer field, park or backyard is perfect.) Because all the games are non-contact, ZTAG works for ages 4 to 40 (and up!).

Active Group Games for All Ages: How ZTAG Keeps Kids Engaged and Moving

Because all the games are non-contact, ZTAG works for ages 4 to 40 (and up!).

ZTAG is an Indoor and Outdoor Kids Activity that combines old school games with new technology to get kids moving and having fun!

Testimonials from GameTruck Owners: Why ZTAG is Perfect for Schools, Summer Camps, and After-School Programs

“ZTAG is perfect for schools, summer camps, and after school programs,” Says Joel Carlson, owner of GameTruck Orange County. Joel was one of the first GameTruck Owners to adopt ZTAG. “If you’ve got kids and you want to wear them out with fun, ZTAG is the ticket.”

“While we may not have Tron yet, ZTAG from GameTruck gets us a step closer,” Says Julius Freeman owner of GameTruck Atlanta. “Kids love it because it’s fun. Parents and teachers love it because it looks like kids _playing and having fun_.”

If you want to know more, give us a call today or go to our website to find out of ZTAG is available in your area!

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Large Group Activity Ideas: Why ZTAG Rocks!

Hey there! Your search for large group activity ideas ends here! Let me tell you all about why Z Tag is the absolute best game for big groups like yours. At Game Truck, we’re all about bringing people together for some serious fun, and Z Tag is the perfect way to do just that. So grab a snack, get comfy, and let’s dive into the excitement of Z Tag!

Z Tag is like stepping into your very own live-action video game. Imagine this: you’re wearing a special wrist tracker that acts as your gaming controller. It’s got a big, bright screen that gives you instructions and guides you through all the action-packed games. And let me tell you, these games are seriously fun!

High Energy Excitement

First up, we’ve got classics like Red Light, Green Light. Remember playing that as a kid? Well, now you can play it in real life, with all your friends racing to see who can reach the finish line first. It’s a blast!

Then there’s Pattern Match, where you’ve got to use your smarts to find the person with the same color pattern or shape as you. It’s like a high-energy game of hide-and-seek, and it’s guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

But wait, it gets even better. Our most popular game by far is Zombie Tag. Picture this: you and your friends running around, dodging zombies and trying to outsmart each other. It’s a thrilling adventure that’ll have you on the edge of your seat!

Large Group Activity Ideas for schools. Large Group Activity Ideas for preschools.

Easy Rotation for Everyone

And the best part? Each game only lasts about 7 to 10 minutes, so you never get bored. Plus, with our fast-paced rotation system, we can switch out groups quickly, making sure everyone gets a turn to play. That means we can accommodate up to 100 people per hour – now that’s what I call a party!

But wait, there’s more! Since the rounds are short and sweet, everyone gets multiple turns to play. That means even if you’re not the best player, you’ll still have plenty of chances to show off your skills and have a blast with your friends.

Large Group Activity Ideas for teambuilding

Safe and Inclusive Play

Now, you might be wondering, is Z Tag safe? Absolutely! Since it’s non-contact and players tag each other using their trackers, there’s no need to worry about anyone getting hurt. That means kids of all ages can join in on the fun, whether they’re little ones or big kids like you.


So whether you’re planning a big birthday bash or just looking for a fun way to spend the afternoon, Z Tag is the ultimate game for big group fun. With its high-energy excitement, easy rotation system, and inclusive play, it’s guaranteed to be a hit with everyone. So what are you waiting for? Book your Z Tag party today and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget!

From ZTAG to the mobile gaming theater, level up your school events with GameTruck!