Unique Party Idea & GameTruck Party Giveaway

Stephanie, the voice of Mammamoiselle offered a GameTruck give away to her readers in late June 2014. While her son was too young to have the best possible GameTruck experience for her to review, Stephanie though her readers would appreciate hearing about GameTruck and the chance to win a GameTruck party.

Stephanie is the mother of two-year-old twin girls and a four-year-old boy. Her blog, Mammamoiselle, is dedicated to sharing parenting and lifestyle tips, recipes, and glimpses into her life as a mother of three in the New York/New Jersey Metro Area.

You can read about Stephanie’s give away below, originally published by Mammamoiselle.com on June 27, 2014.

My son is entering an age where birthday parties with friends are so important. We live in an area where everyone is always trying to, in my opinion, outdo one another and have the most unique party. When the good people at GameTruck contacted me, I was interested in learning more because it was such a unique idea. I was offered a party for review, but my little guy is still a bit too young for the concept, at 4.  Still, I wanted to bring my readers this unique party idea and take GameTruck up on their offer to provide my readers with the chance to WIN a Game Truck Party (see below). Read more…


GameTruck Makes Party Planning Easy

GameTruck North Tarrant County hosted a party for Jana, one of the bloggers behind Thirty-One:10 a collaborative blog inspired by Proverbs 31:10 that covers a wide variety of topics and is written by a group of women in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

William Slattery, owner since 2011, made sure Jana found her GameTruck party easy to plan and host. The GameCoach set up everything and was ready to go fifteen minutes before the event was supposed to start to ensure Jana had a chance to review the games before letting guests come in. A party that half celebrated the beginning of summer and half celebrated her nephew’s birthday, the only downside was the Jana didn’t get to spend more time in the theater playing!

We had so much fun at our party and I’m seriously debating a moms night out now because I’m a little jealous I didn’t get to spend the two hours playing video games!

See below to read Jana’s review, “GameTruck Makes Party Planning Easy,” originally published on Thirty-one10.com on June 19, 2014.

What could be sweeter than an easy to plan party? Getting to experience it for free so I could tell you all about it! Guess what? You also get a chance to win a free party at the end of this post.GameTruck knows how the party and how to take the stress off your party planning.

We put our party on the calendar for the first day of summer for all my friends kiddos and as a special treat for my nephew who celebrated turning 6 this week!  The truck was set up and ready to go 15 minutes before the party started so I got to check it out a little before all the kids came pouring in and my nephew, the birthday boy, got to pick the game he wanted to play. He got to play a game solo before all the guests showed up.  The only negative of being the hostess of this part is I really wanted to sit down and play which I did until the kids started showing up and I decided to be an adult again. That’s also when I decided this wouldn’t just make a great kids party but what a fun bachelor party or even moms night out. Read more…

How to have a successful @GameTruckHQ Party

GameTruck North Dallas hosted a party for Courtney Solstad, the voice of MyCRAZYSavings in late May. Owner since 2012, Ryan Lee helped make sure the event was ready to start smoothly. The GameCoach was patient and made sure every guest had what they needed to have a great time playing games. Courtney was surprised by how much her girls enjoyed the party. From the technology to the very helpful GameCoach, Courtney and her guests has a great time.


This was seriously the EASIEST party that I have ever thrown! Our GameTruck party host was awesome with the kids. He was very patient. He set the rules before they got into the truck and was very helpful and patient with the kids during the party!


Courtney Solstad is the mother of three girls. Her blog MyCRAZYSavings is a savings, lifestyle, and fitness blog that documents ways to save money on everyday life and fun activities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

See Courtney’s review “How to Have a Successful @GameTruckHQ Party” below, originally published by MyCRAZYSavings.com on May 23, 2014.

Summer is coming and it’s time to rev up the FUN! This week we got to invite tons of our friends to come and enjoy a Game Truck Party with us! My girls love playing on the iPads, computers and Wii, but I had NO clue how popular this party would be!

Here is how to have a successful Game Truck Party:

  • Call your local Game Truck franchise and set up date/time.
  • Wait for the confirmation email from Gametruckparty.com and use the included link in that email to send out invites to your friends and family.
  • Plan WHERE you want the truck to park during the party. (I chose a park nearby which had tons of room for the truck and parents to park as well. This truck is around 60 ft long.
  • Enjoy not having to do a thing while the kids play for two hours!

This truck is packed with technology! Think XBOX360®, Nintendo WiiT and Playstation®! We invited kids who ranged in age from 6 to 10. This was seriously the EASIEST party that I have ever thrown! Our GameTruck party host was awesome with the kids. He was very patient. He set the rules before they got into the truck and was very helpful and patient with the kids during the party! Read More…