10 Amazing Video Game Cakes found on Instagram

No party is complete without cake. And video game themes are never complete without amazing video game cakes. There are so many of these wonderful cakes to be found online, but here at GameTruck, we pride ourselves on making things easier for you!

We’ve scoured Instagram so that you don’t have to and found 10 of the most amazing video game cakes available. Use them as inspiration for your very own edible gaming treat.

  1. For the Minecraft fanatic

  2. For the Legend of Zelda fan

    A post shared by Jade Anderson ? (@_jadiecakes_) on

  3. For Kingdom of Heart players

  4. Nintendo Switch fans, you’re covered too

  5. For Five Nights at Freddy’s followers

  6. Call of Duty (no campers allowed)

  7. Or maybe you’re loyal to a console

    A post shared by Jus desserts (@jus.desserts) on

  8. Terraria (no, it’s not just like Minecraft)

    A post shared by Shelby Rexrode (@shelbyrex13) on

  9. Sonic Pull-apart Cupcakes

    A post shared by Marlena (@tummymonstertreats) on

  10. Assains’s Creed

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