The 4 Best Video Games to Introduce Your Parents to Gaming

There tends to be a generation gap when it comes to gaming. For most parents, their last gaming experience was Pong or Pacman. They look at the games you play with a kind of benign disconnect. But there’s no reason a pastime that you spend so much time in can’t be shared and enjoyed with your parents.

So take the plunge and introduce your parents to the wonderful world of gaming with these four titles we’ve picked to ease them in.

1. Super Smash Bros

Any of the iterations of the Super Smash Bros franchise are a great choice if your parent has a competitive streak. It’s perfect for sitting back on the couch and having a relaxing match of trying to punt your opponent off platforms.

Another plus for easing your parents into gaming is that unlike other fighting games, the violence in Super Smash Bros is cartoony and avoids the lovingly rendered sprays of blood that some other games indulge in.

minecraft video game2. Minecraft

For a medium that is usually engaged in an arms race for graphical fidelity, Minecraft is a throwback to the pixelated games of yore. Despite its simple presentation, though, Minecraft is a tool for endless creativity and imagination. It’ll let your parents engage with the creative side of gaming, and build structures they’ll become attached to.

It’s co-op options also allow you to guide your parents in-game and explore the world with them.

3. Limbo

Limbo is a minimalist game of shadow and light, with an atmosphere thick with dread and lurking danger. Puzzles are minimalistic, and the underlying elements build on each other so the player is constantly learning. Because of this, puzzles quickly become more and more complex but never outpace the player’s knowledge of how to solve them. It’s perfect for a new player like a parent.

journey video game4. Journey

This is by far the best game to introduce your parents to gaming. The control scheme is simple and minimalistic, and easy for even someone with no experience with a controller to pick up and make intuitive sense of.

Journey is also an incredibly gorgeous game that tells a simple, but emotionally-resonant story. Seriously, the beauty of this game cannot be overstated. Every frame is a work of art, and seeing it in motion is incredible. If you have to pick one game to show your parents, Journey is that game.

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