BubbleSoccer Extravaganza this Spring!

It’s spring, so it’s warming up here in Jacksonville! Of course, our GameTruck video game parties are a lot of fun, but it is important for children to get outside and start playing. Here is an in-depth look at one of the other exciting experiences from GameTruck that will get your children away from the screen and into the beautiful Florida sunshine.

What is BubbleSoccer?

BubbleSoccer, also known as BubbleFootball or BubbleBall, is a game just like soccer except played with inflatable bubbles that surround the players. It is played either inside or outside. The ball covers the upper body and leaves the legs exposed, so the players can run and jump. At GameTruck, we transform your yard or local park into a 25’x50’ BubbleSoccer Arena with five players on each team. Just like soccer, the object is to get the ball into the goal. Unlike soccer, players have fun bouncing off their friends and rolling around on the ground.

How Did it Start?

BubbleSoccer started in 2011 in Norway on a comedy sports show called Golden Goal. It didn’t really take off until 2014 when a video of an Italian BubbleSoccer game was uploaded on YouTube. You can see from the video, it’s just as fun to watch as it is to play! After the video, BubbleSoccer started popping up all over the world from parks to college campuses and indoor soccer fields!

Is it Safe?

This is the number one question that we get from parents. BubbleSoccer is a contact sport; therefore, safety is our #1 priority. While there are risks involved, our trained GameCoaches supervise the event to make sure everyone is having a safe and fun time. There are rules against illegal tackles like tripping, grabbing, and kicking. Also, players are only allowed to try to knock down the player with the ball. Our bubbles come in three different sizes, so there is a right fit for everyone.

What are the Rules?

The game is played with rules similar to Soccer. The object of the game is to score more goals than your opponent. However, some of the more complex rules of soccer, like offside rules, are removed to make the game easier to play. To keep the players safe, there are rules against illegal hits. A player cannot know down another player without the ball, and a player cannot prevent another player from getting up.

Schedule Your Game of BubbleSoccer Today!

GameTruck Jacksonville can create a safe, unforgettable BubbleSoccer experience. Our trained GameCoaches will supervise your event, so parents can have fun watching! Call us today at (866) 253-3191 for a free quote or fill out our online form for pricing and availability.

Five Games in 2019 We’re Looking Forward to the Most

Now that it’s February, your New Year’s resolution to exercise more and video game less is a faint memory. What better way to break your resolutions than with these highly anticipated 2019 video games! Gaming technology evolves at rapid speeds, so it is essential to keep up with these cutting-edge games. Whether you’re a diehard Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Nintendo Switch user, there’s something to look forward to for everyone. These five included below are the best among the thousands of new video games scheduled to release this year.

5. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Coming to Nintendo Switch’s later this year, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the third installment in the Luigi’s Mansion series. The previous game released in the series, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, was released back in 2013. Fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for the next installment for five years! Mario, Luigi’s brother who usually hogs the spotlight, has gone missing inside a spooky building. Luigi comes to the rescue battling ghosts and solving tricky puzzles in order to retrieve Mario. With a classic underdog saves the day storyline, this family-friendly game should be on the top of any Super Mario Bros fans.

4. New Pokémon Game

The latest installment in the Pokémon franchise is so new, it doesn’t even have an official name yet! Here’s what we know so far. It’s scheduled to release late 2019, meaning it’ll be on many gamer’s Christmas and Hanukkah lists this year. New Pokémon will be introduced. The new Pokémon game will only be available on the Nintendo Switch. It will be a “completely different game,” said by Tsunekazu Ishihara, the CEO of the Pokémon Company. What does that mean? We don’t know! But we cannot wait to find out. Let another journey with Pikachu begin!

3. Kingdom Hearts III

Luckily for you, Kingdom Hearts III was released on January 29th… so you can start playing now! Kingdom Hearts III is the 12th installment in the world-famous Kingdom Hearts Series. Riddled with your most beloved characters from Pixar and Disney, this action and fantasy game follows Sora, an adventurous young boy with magical powers, as he battles the Heartless, the villains of the Kingdom Heart universe. The protagonist’s sidekicks include fan favorites Donald Duck and Goofy. This game is available for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

2. The Last of Us: Part II

The Last of Us is an immensely popular zombie franchise. Though The Last of Us: Part II is darker than the first three games on our list, it is a must-have game for any enthusiasts of the horror, survival genre. The story revolves around Ellie, a self-sufficient, mute young woman, as she tries to survive post-apocalyptic America. Encountering love, loss, and cults along the way, Ellie’s journey is not to be missed. The Last of Us: Part II will only be available on the PlayStation 4. This game has been in the works since 2014, so fans are excitedly awaiting its release. It is expected to drop early this year, but no specific date has been confirmed.

1. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Finally, the most anticipated game of the year is Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Releasing just in time for the holidays, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is a pivotal game for any Star Wars fan. You will battle against the most infamous villain in pop culture: Darth Vader. This game implements third-person gameplay, and the story is set between episodes 3 and 4. The main character is named Cali, a Padawan (a Jedi apprentice) who is mentored by a female named Ceres. The last Star Wars game released was Star Wars Battlefront in 2015, so it’s due time for fans of the series to play a new adventure.

Show off Your Mastery of These 2019 Games with GameTruck Jacksonville

Book GameTruck for your next party or event! You can show off your domination of these 2019 games to your friends and colleagues. Servicing the Jacksonville area since 2012, these game trucks are sure to bring a fun and unique element to your party. We have games that cater to the tastes of all types of gamers, no matter their age. Call us at (866) 253-3191.

4 Games to look for on Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means that Cyber Monday is also quickly approaching. Cyber Monday is a great opportunity for gamers to find the best deals on gaming consoles, popular games, accessories, and other electronics without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Many physical stores that are participating in Black Friday, such as GameStop, are also discounting their games online on November 26th for Cyber Monday. GameStop is taking it to the next level by holding a CyberWeek, offering a week’s worth of deals from November 27th to December 1st. GameTruck Jacksonville has 4 recommended games that you should look for this Cyber Monday.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is one of the best action role-playing games to keep an eye on for Cyber Monday. With its early release in January of this year, this game has been said to be the second-best selling video game for the PlayStation 4. Gamers can hunt and trap the scariest monsters on PS4, Xbox One, or on their PC’s. GameTruck Jacksonville has already seen this game lower in price, so we believe this game will be one of the best-priced games this holiday season.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is the latest installment of the popular first-person shooter video game. The game has been praised for its design, visuals, and soundtrack. This game is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Currently retailed around $60, we expect this game to see a significant drop in price due to its earlier release in March of 2018. Online retailers such as Amazon, BestBuy and GameStop are expected to sell these games on Cyber Monday.

Madden NFL ‘19

Whether its Tom Brady or Khalil Mack, you can play the field as your favorite NFL pro in Madden NFL ‘19. With interactive touchdown interactions and a great soundtrack, Madden ‘19 has new and improved features that gamers seem to love. This game was given an 8.9 rating by IGN, so be sure to get this game while discounts last.

Octopath Traveler

As one of the best-selling games on the Nintendo Switch, Octopath Traveler is a single-player adventure video game. Allowing you to choose from eight characters, gamers can experience this game through multiple stories and embark new challenging journeys. Check out these online retailers for the best prices this Cyber Monday.

Play these best-sellers at your next event with GameTruck

GameTruck’s goal is to deliver excitement to all of your events. With a variety of games and consoles provided, we make sure to have the latest games to keep you and your guests entertained. Review GameTruck’s pricing and availability here, or call us at (866) 253-3191.