Top 5 Character Makeovers In Video Game History

If you love playing video games, you likely have a favorite character. Whether a character is iconic or newly introduced, they’ve likely undergone some changes. Here are our top five character makeovers in video game history.

Lara Croft

When Lara Croft first debuted in Tomb Raider in 1996, the character looked nothing like the adventurer we know and love now. The original character had unrealistic proportions and looked more cartoony than human, while the current Lara is ridiculously lifelike.


Mario was introduced in 1985, and the character lacked definition because it debuted as an 8-bit character. You can’t fault the designers for not trying —the technology simply wasn’t there. Today, Mario is known for his red-and-blue getup and unforgettable mustache.


When Link was introduced in The Legend Of Zelda, the character was playful and young looking, and he didn’t look much like today’s Link. While the outfit remained the same, the hero became more intense and intimidating.


For more than 30 years, fans have loved Princess Zelda –– and she’s changed in major ways over the years. In the beginning, Zelda looks young and cartoony. Our current Zelda is a total warrior princess and looks much older.


Compared to our other character makeovers, Pikachu is much more subtle in its evolution. The original Pikachu was rounder and had slightly more detail than current versions. It makes sense that Nintendo has been hesitant to make any drastic changes to such a beloved character –– Pikachu’s yellow, slightly cuddly appearance is one of the most recognizable characters in the industry.

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First Look at Sea of Thieves

Look no further! As 2018 comes around, many new games are coming with it. GameTruck is excited to play many new games and Sea of Thieves is one of them! Sea of Thieves has an age rating for teens (13+).

Here’s What You Can Expect from Sea of Thieves!

From what we can tell, this game is like a kids version of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag which is a great game full of fun and adventure. This journey takes place on your very own ship. Your goal is to travel the vast ocean and explore islands.This game is perfect for a gamer birthday party with its multiplayer style so everyone can play. Good thing too because when playing Sea of Thieves, you never know who or what you may run into while living your life as a pirate!

You’re equipped with a map, compass, shovel, lantern, and more to take on the challenges to come. Be careful, you may experience some stormy seas, and you may find some resistance when trying to recover treasure. You can let your teammates protect you while you have your hands full with treasure, or drop the treasure and protect your teammates as you try to escape and make your way back to your ship!

Since We’re Pirates, Let’s Find Some Treasure!

Remember to look underwater for shipwrecks and other surprises! You may even find sunken treasure, but be careful, the journey back to your ship may be perilous and full of obstacles! You may have to fight off looters and sharks! This game has great music so you can enjoy some seachanties as you sail and fend off attacks.

Want to explore caverns? You’re in luck! Some islands may lead you down caverns, but don’t be scared, you have your light and some friends with you. Make sure you check out the awesome detail the game developers put into these caverns. From skeletons to drawings, you may find some cool surprises!

Looking for some challenge?

Sea of Thieves found some for you. This game features riddles to find treasure. If you aren’t good with riddles, there is nothing to worry about. This game makes riddles fairly easy to decipher and with help from your teammates, you’re on your way to new adventures across the sea!

This game isn’t all about sailing; it’s also about staying alive as the bones of raiders past crawl up from the ground to stop you. Luckily, you’re equipped with an old-fashioned pistol and sword to defend yourself.

Think Your Adventure Ends There?

Think again! While you’re exploring new islands in search of treasure, you may want to take your whole crew with you, or leave a member or two behind to ensure the ship is safe and ready to disembark at a moment’s notice. Now that you have your treasure, you have to sell it. No big deal right? Tell that to your crew as you try to navigate your way through storms and protect your treasure from other looters!

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3 Reasons A GameTruck Party Is Perfect For Your End-Of-Semester Party

After a semester filled with late nights, early morning classes, nerve-racking quizzes and stressful finals, you’ve made it to the end of the semester. It’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders as you walk out of your final exam. First, you’ll probably want to take a nap to reward yourself for your hard work. But how will you celebrate?

One great way to acknowledge your well-deserved holiday break is to throw a party for your classmates to unwind and high-five themselves. If you’re an educator looking for a way to engage with your students, hosting an event is a great idea. But what kind of entertainment will you have at your end-of-semester party?

A mobile video gaming party is the perfect way to make sure everyone has a great time, and GameTruck is the only vendor you should consider. GameTruck Inland Empire––one of our many GameTruck franchises––is a premier entertainment provider in Southern California. No matter where you are in the Riverside–San Bernardino–Ontario region, we’ll bring the fun to you. Here are some reasons you’ll benefit from our services at your end-of-semester party.

1. It’s The Perfect Way To Relax

After spending so much time with your nose buried in books, playing some of your favorite video games with your friends is an incredible way to unwind. Even if you aren’t a video game lover, GameTruck Inland Empire will have something you’ll enjoy among our dozens of video game titles.

2. You Can Keep Things Casual

With you and your guests likely exhausted from the school semester, a fancy extravaganza is the last thing on your mind. A GameTruck party is perfect for any event, regardless of formality, and it’s a great addition to an already laid-back end-of-semester shindig.

3. Planning Won’t Be Stressful

You’ve already had enough to worry about these past few months. Don’t let party planning become another stressor. When you plan your event with GameTruck Inland Empire, we take care of the details. From providing invitations to staffing every party with certified GameCoaches who make sure the party goes well, we’re here for anything you need.

GameTruck Is Ready to Help

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