5 of the Best Educational Video Games for Back to School

Are you worried your child spends too much time playing video games and not enough time getting ready for the upcoming school year? What you may not know is that not all video games are about violence and fantasy worlds – some are quite educational!

New games that teach useful skills to increase creativity and help kids learn are being developed every day. Check out these educational video games that are sure to teach your gamer a thing or two while having a blast!

1. My Word Coach

Equipped with a built-in dictionary featuring over 17,000 words, My Word Coach helps kids work on their verbal communication skills and vocabulary through six different word-related games. Players are able to insert missing letters to form words, spell out the answers to various definitions, and choose words to match a particular description. For a fun and challenging mode, try it with multiple players!

2. Escape Adventure Island

In this JumpStart video game, young learners engage with a 3-D environment while practicing their math, reading, and critical thinking skills. Escape Adventure Island invites players to use their explorer skills and brain power to escape a mysterious island after a crash landing leaves them stranded!

3. LittleBigPlanet 2

With some fantastic graphics and some funky tunes, this great game encourages your kids to develop their problem-solving skills. Players navigate through a rich landscape, finding a wide range of objects along the way – many of which can be used to help them solve puzzles.

4. uDraw Studio: Instant Artist

Let your young ones create and unleash their inner artist with this game! uDraw Studio allows kids to explore their curiosity for art while developing their drawing skills as they create their own masterpieces. This original video game will be one that your kids will not want to put down!

5. Portal 2

Unlike conventional video games that require players to shoot their way to victory, in Portal players must use their wits to escape Aperture Laboratories and its robots. It’s a memorable and mentally challenging experience that players won’t forget!

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5 Cool Video Game Cakes

Video games are fun and exciting, but a video game cake is so much sweeter! Whether it’s a theme-based cake or a character-based cake, having a video game themed cake will bring excitement and salivate the pallets of your guests.

Super Mario Cake

3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

Lovers of the classic Nintendo Game, Super Mario, will enjoy this cake. This cake captures the essence of the game, Mario’s constant attempt to save Princess Daisy from the monstrous Bowser, and conquering the different worlds with his buddy, Luigi. This cake will be hard to stick your fork through for those Super Mario fans!

The Avengers Cake

3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

Superheroes are full of fascination and bravery and this cake is no different. With your favorites, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and The Hulk, this cake is perfect for the fans of The Avengers video game. Having an Avengers video game cake at your party will surely bring loads of excitement and bring out the inner superheroes in all of your guests.

Halo Cake

3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

Master Chief, the faceless biochemical super-soldier, is a character recognizable by any first-person shooter video game fanatic. Famous for his hidden identity and intergalactic battles, Master Chief is undoubtedly the most popular character in the first-person-shooting world. Having this Halo video game cake at your party is sure to liven up the party!

Dragon Ball Z Cake

3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

Watching Goku activate his Super Saiyans mode and grow his strength with each Super Saiyan level is mind-blowing! Want to bring out this Super Saiyan feeling in your guest? A Dragon Ball Z video game cake at your party is a must for the Goku fans!

NBA 2K Cake

3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

NBA 2K is so much fun to play especially with your favorite teams or with your favorite players. Whether it be Lebron James, Stephen Curry, James Harden, or Michael Jordan, an NBA 2K video game cake is a definite must-have for those hardcore basketball fans who want to show pride in their teams.

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3 Reasons Your Kids Love The Nintendo Switch

When the Nintendo Switch was released in March 2017, people camped overnight outside of electronic stores to buy the console before it sold out. The gaming system generated a lot of hype, and so far, it’s lived up to everyone’s high expectations. But it also has another selling point that isn’t discussed as frequently –– and that’s its popularity with kids. If you have children, there’s a chance you’ve heard them talking about the Nintendo Switch –– according to Amazon, it’s one of the “most wished for” gifts on the Internet.

GameTruck Chicago offers the Nintendo Switch at all of our mobile gaming parties, along with other gaming consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We’ve seen just how much kids love the Nintendo Switch, and we’re sharing what makes the system so lovable.

It’s Portable

Your kids are always on the move and don’t like to stay in one place for long, so it makes sense that they’re drawn to the Nintendo Switch. Other gaming systems stay in one place and are difficult to take with you, but the Nintendo Switch is designed for both at-home and on-the-go gaming. The Switch is perfect for kids for this reason.

It’s User-Friendly

User-friendliness is a good thing regardless of the product, but kids are looking for intuitivity when they’re playing video games. The Switch has been hailed for how easy it is to catch on, and the graphics and user experience are also top-notch.

It Has Awesome Games

The final reason that kids are begging to play the Nintendo Switch is probably the most important: There’s a huge selection of games. Even though the Switch is barely a year old, there have been hundreds of games released, with even more expected in 2018. If your child gets bored easily, the Switch is perfect –– it’s easy to pick a new game to play. It also has multiplayer offerings, which makes it fun for the whole family.

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