GameTruck Party Experience: Start to Finish

GameTruck parties are unlike any other party you have ever experienced. Exciting for the attendees and stress-free for the host, GameTruck parties deliver fun directly to your doorstep. GameTruck Atlanta is dedicated to hosting the party of your dreams. From our up-to-date equipment to our experienced GameCoaches, our team provides an amazing experience you won’t forget.

Interested in the idea, but not sure what to expect? Keep reading!

Booking Your GameTruck Party

From the moment you speak with one of our party planning specialists, we start to plan for your event. We begin planning out the route to ensure we arrive on time and have multiple party invitations available for you to choose from. Booking a party or event with GameTruck is a simple and stress-free process. It’s a good idea to book your party 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure you can reserve the time and date that works best for you. Once you book an event or party, you gain access to PartyLink, a helpful online resource provided by GameTruck.

Preparing for Our Arrival

GameTruck Atlanta will always call you when we’re on our way so that you can be prepared for our arrival. Our truck can fit in most places a moving truck can, so just make sure there is enough parking space available. When we arrive, we’ll meet with you before the party starts to go over the truck and the games. If you have any questions, our GameCoaches will be happy to answer them.

During the Party: Relax and Enjoy!

Our experienced, professional, and fun-loving GameCoaches host the party for you, so you can just relax and enjoy while the attendees have a blast in our comfy, roomy, air conditioned truck. If your party is for children, you can relax knowing that they are all being supervised and entertained. While they play inside the truck, the adults are free to join in or hang out outside.

After the Party

Because GameTruck is self-contained, there is no cleanup to worry about. Be sure to let us know how the event went as we are always looking to improve your experience.

Best Video Game Parties in Atlanta

Our goal at GameTruck Atlanta is to host a stress-free, awesome party for you. We’ll throw a memorable party that you and your friends will not soon forget. For more information or to receive a quote, call us today at (770) 755-5100!

3 Reasons GameTruck is Perfect for Graduation Parties

It’s April and summer is right around the corner. In a few short weeks, millions of students will cross the stage with a diploma in hand. It’s time to start planning your grad’s celebration to reward the years of hard work that it took to get to that stage.

If you’re tired of “traditional” graduation parties and want a unique way to congratulate your loved one, we’re here to help. This month, we’ll take a look at why GameTruck is perfect for your upcoming graduation party.

GameTruck: Not Just for Kids

There is a long-standing stereotype that video games have no place in adult life. Thanks to this stigma, it may seem strange to suggest throwing a game party for a new graduate, ready to face the world. The truth is that adults enjoy games as much as kids and make up a significant portion of the gaming community.

Graduation is a great excuse to let loose with a large group of friends over a game of Call of Duty or Splatoon. Whether you want some cooperative play or a massive free for all, GameTruck video game graduation parties are the way to go.

Fun for Graduates of All Ages

Whether your loved one is graduating from elementary school, middle school, high school, or college, GameTruck is the perfect party idea. We have something for everyone: kids love our games and LaserTag system while parents love our stress-free party planning.

Adult gamers can appreciate our attention to the newest games and systems. Our trucks feature rows of HD flat-screen TVs connected to the latest consoles, while our game library boasts the hottest games and is sure to give gamers of all ages an astounding time.

Stress-Free Graduation Parties

The semester has been stressful enough, don’t add extra stress to party planning. We specialize in a no-hassle, fun-only party experience that’s as much fun for the host as it is for the guests.

You handle the guest list, and we’ll handle the rest. Our expert GameCoaches will take care of everything so that you can enjoy your grad’s special day.

Video Game Parties in Atlanta, GA

If you’re trying to throw a truly unique graduation party, you can’t go wrong with GameTruck. We’ll create a memorable party experience that your friends and loved ones will be talking about for weeks to come. For more information or to receive a quote, give us a call at (770) 755-5100!

3 Reasons GameTruck Makes the Perfect Summer Camp Activity

gametruck for summer camp activitiesSpring and summer are just around the corner. That means that if you are a camp event coordinator, now is the time to start planning all of your summer camp entertainment. Early booking will not only guarantee that your desired reservation dates and times will be available, but it will also give you plenty of time to plan all of the details needed to make sure all of your summer camp events are a success.

Sports, campfires and arts and crafts are great summer camp ideas, but surely kids get bored of doing these same activities, year after year. GameTruck Atlanta provides the perfect solution for summer camp entertainment. Here are three reasons to book a GameTruck party for your next kid’s summer camp event:

Reason #1: GameTruck parties are kid-approved.

Mobile video game parties are a favorite amongst children of all ages. Our trucks feature up to 8 HD flat panel TVs for the ultimate gaming experience. We fill each of our state of the art trucks with the newest video game consoles on the market and an extensive library of age-appropriate video games, including all the latest games.

From kids summer camps to tween and teen summer camps, GameTruck Atlanta has video games for every age group.

Reason #2: GameTruck parties are safe.

Field activities can be a lot of fun, but without the right amount of adult supervision, they can be dangerous.

Not to worry. Every GameTruck party we book comes with a certified GameCoach to manage and oversee your summer camp event from beginning to end. Camp counselors can sit back and take a break from supervising the kids, or join in on the fun!

Reason #3: GameTruck parties are weather-proof.

Atlanta summer weather can be unpredictable. Don’t let unexpected inclement weather ruin your fun. With GameTruck Atlanta, you can have peace of mind knowing the elements will not affect your party or function.

All of our mobile video game trucks are insulated, climate controlled and self-powered. Did power go out during a thunderstorm? Not a problem. Each one of our video game trailers has a backup generator so you can be sure that your party will never come to an unexpected end.

Fun and Kid-Friendly Summer Camp Activities in Atlanta, GA

Don’t wait until June to start planning your summer event calendar. Start booking your summer camp entertainment today! Skip the same old games and arts and crafts this year and give your kids an exciting way to celebrate summer vacation.

If you’re looking for an exciting and unique way to entertain your summer campers, consider booking a GameTruck party. Have questions? Want more information? Call (866)253-3191 or click here to request a quote.