GameTruck 2021 Year In Review

Now that 2021 is done, we want to take a moment to reflect and say thanks! 

GameTruck 2021 was an unbelievable year! It certainly had its challenges for all however your unwavering support has gotten us through every challenge. Your faith in us came out in a big way and our fleet of video game party machines came out on time, safe, clean, and ready to entertain you and your families. 

Customer Feed Back

As our founder, Scott Novis, writes in this article about Why NPS Scores Matter, we take the NPS or Net Promoter Score very seriously. NPS sends out a survey to our customers after their party and asks one question “Would you recommend us to a friend or family member?” The customer either clicks yes or no and we calculate the score based on that question.  If 8 out of 10 people say “yes” we score 80%. Simple right?

Here are this year’s results.

  • System Wide NPS: 86.52
  • Top 3 Location NPS Scores

    1. Orange County, CA – 98.97
    2. Jacksonville, FL – 98.64
    3. Portland, OR – 94.77

Fan Recap

Nobody matters more to us than you, our fans, and of course your families and friends. You are the ones who keep the party rocking every year and help keep us driving excellence to every event we deliver. Here are some really cool stats for you, our fans!

  • Miles drive: 450,124 -> 80 roundtrip, coast to coast, adventures
  • Hours of Play: 116,828 -> That’s a LOT of Smash Bros!
  • Most popular VIP name: Jack -> Jill didn’t make the cut. Maybe next year!

Location Recap

Finally, we wanted to recognize a few of our franchise locations that have done some extraordinary things this past year. Their efforts truly shine a bright light on our brand in the communities they serve.

  • Top Location for New Offering (GellyBall)
    1. Long Island, NY
    2. Arlington, TX
    3. Cleveland – Akron, OH

  • Busiest Trailers
    1. Jacksonville, FL
    2. Long Island, NY
    3. Gig Harbor, WA

  • Most Events Booked – Top 2 Locations
    1. Arlington, TX
    2. Long Island, NY

Wrap Up

Our team will continue to strive to be the best option for party entertainment around. We will continue to provide the renowned customer services we are known for and plan on positioning ourselves as your guide to fun in 2022. 

Stay tuned for more great things ahead!

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Street Fighter Five: Champions Edition

It’s MORE Than Just Mashing and it’s coming to a market near you!

Street Fighter V: Champions Edition, the latest installment in the iconic Street Fighter franchise, has arrived and will be available in 15 of our markets across the country. This highly anticipated title takes the beloved fighting game series to new heights, offering an exhilarating and action-packed gaming experience that will leave you captivated.

Developed by Capcom, Street Fighter V: Champions Edition introduces exciting features and boasts a vast roster of diverse characters. Prepare to be amazed by the stunning visuals and enjoy the smooth gameplay mechanics as you engage in intense battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With a wide range of fighters to choose from, including classic characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, and Ken, as well as new additions such as Kage, Lucia, and Gill, there’s a combatant to suit every playstyle.

Now available on a GameTruck trailer near you, you can find Street Fighter V: Champions Edition in various markets:

So what markets can you find this game?

1.   GA-North-Atlanta
2.   NY-Long Island
3.   CA-Los Angeles-North
4.   CA-Orange County-Irvine
5.   AZ-Gilbert-East Valley
6.   IL-Chicago
7.   TX-San Antonio
8.   VA-North VA/DC
9.   CA-San Jose
10.  MD-Howard County
11.  NY-Westchester County
12.  OR-Portland-South
13.  CA-LA-South Bay
14.  NC-Charlotte   
15. WA-Seattle-East

From Atlanta to Seattle, join the excitement and ask your local GameTruck operator about Street Fighter V at your next party. Get your game on and experience the ultimate fighting game!

Play on!

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Virtual Gaming Party Press Release


Video Game Party Company Goes Virtual Helping Mom and Dad Save Birthday Parties

GameTruck, the industry leader in mobile video game parties, is proud to announce a new offering to its video game party options. Virtual Gaming Parties.

Over the past 15 years, GameTruck, who invented the mobile video game party, has entertained and connected more than ten million children and their families across the country. Due to the extraordinary circumstances the world is facing, GameTruck is constantly looking for ways to get people connected. As a way to support communities, GameTruck officially launched Virtual Gaming Parties to provide entertainment and relief during this difficult time.

Virtual gaming parties offer customers a way to play and experience the joy of a video game party while practicing social distancing. A virtual gaming party will let up to 24 players connect with each other remotely through voice and text chat to communicate and join each other in the online games they share.

The goal of virtual gaming parties is to create a product that allows people to connect virtually while in-person parties are impossible. Moreover, GameTruck will insert the best parts of their in-person gaming parties and to create a virtual offering that is safe, easy, and tons of fun.

Here is how a virtual gaming party works:

  • GameTruck creates a private virtual party space for customers to join together, remotely.
  • Customers will play from their homes, and join the fun, remotely.
  • The GameCoach connects everyone, helps share friend codes, presents special challenges, and monitors the fun.
  • Customers will provide their own gaming equipment and games.
  • GameTruck will manage the setup, gameplay and will moderate the entire event.

“At its core, GameTruck is a human connection company. In-person social interaction has been the heart of our business. The current public health crisis gives us an opportunity to reimagine how to entertain communities without physically being together. We are excited to launch our Virtual Gaming Parties,” Founder Scott Novis said.

GameTruck virtual gaming parties are a turn-key solution to connecting people through video games. Scott Novis, GameTruck Founder, believes this offering could be a game-changer in the video game entertainment and esports market.

“With so many people staying home from school and work, our team came together and came up with a solution to connect people,” Novis said. “I am very proud to stand behind our virtual gaming party experience, and I believe we can continue our mission: to connect people through gaming.”

Virtual gaming parties will be available across the United States starting Monday, March 23, 2020. For more information, please visit:

About GameTruck™ and Global Youth Enterprises, LLC

Global Youth Enterprises, LLC is a human connection company that creates transformational video game experiences through excellence in entertainment, sports and learning. The company operates GameTruck™,, and Gameplex™,, franchises across the U.S. to deliver high-quality entertainment for private parties and corporate events. In addition, Bravous® Esports,, serves the competitive and recreational Esports players of all ages. For more information, please visit